We don’t know what to tell you about this particular casino. We have heard many mixed reviews about it and while some of them are extremely good, many of them are bad. Eurolotto Casino is an online casino solely focused on Lottery and games related to that. It was launched in 2011 by PlayCherry Ltd. The casino allows players to participate in five different global lotteries and more than eighteen scratch card games. Eurolotto has been taking steps to overcome its bad repute and has been seen improving in the past couple of years. Let’s find out about its good and bad in detail.

Eurolotto Casino has been very generous to its customers

Eurolotto Casino Site

Games and Bonuses

Even though Eurolotto is solely made for lotteries and scratch cards, it is a lot more than that. It offers many casino games like slots and video poker. The casino is not only about games; what attracts the players most is the bonuses offered, and Eurlotto has been very generous to its customers in that regard.

There is a 100% cashback offer for all the newcomers. That is not it, it also offers a 100% bonus on the first deposit made. These bonus policies are very enticing, right? If you have a bit of good luck in lotteries, we would recommend trying Eurolotto just for these bonuses.

No Lottery Winners Yet

We mentioned the bad reviews, remember? Well, people are starting to think of this casino as a scam or a fraud because ever since it has been established there has been no one who has won the actual lottery price. The casino says the highest prizes are in Millions of dollars but we have never seen any customer claiming that.

Now everyone can not have bad luck, right? This is the main reason behind its bad repute because its customers have started to believe that Eurolotto is just fooling them and there is no such thing as the bumper lottery price.

Customer Service in this casino is available

Eurolotto Casino Customer ServiceCustomer Service

The reviews about the customer service of Eurolotto Casino are also not that good, people have been complaining about their live chats responding with irrelevant answers, emails are not responded to, and there is no one to pick the call.

And the worst part is that any complaint that has been posted about them by any customer on the website is instantly removed by the developers. Seems like, after all, they are available, just not to answer the calls or respond to emails. A poor customer service represents a poor casino.

Final Rating

Eurolotto Casino is one of the very few casinos that we would not recommend you. You must have gotten the idea from our review that we are not in favor of promoting it. A casino is not only good if the games and bonuses offered are good, there are a lot of other things that need to be considered before putting your money in. our rating for this casino is 5/10, justified by its poor customer service and chances of it being a scam. We hope the casino does some damage control soon.

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